Fittings, Couplings, Accessories   and Floor Control Stations for Fire Fighting and Domestic Water System

AI Dhow  Tower  is  one of  the  tallest  high  rise  structures in Kuwait located in the heart of Kuwait  City  which utilized  Grooved Fitting System for achieving best results during construction and guaranteed lifelong performance to the owner. The  mechanical  joining feature   of  the  grooved piping  system  was utilized  to  supply  water  to  all  the  floors  to  provide  temporary fire protection during  construction. Victaulic  system  also  minimized  the high risks of fire involved during  construction in such a tall structure. It eliminated  welding in  all Black Steel lines     which helped  maintain cleanliness and safety during  all stages of installation. This helped the contractor to  meet  the  tight  project  schedule  as  well  as  supply   of superior system to the Client.