Al Kulaib Co, a member of ASAK Group and a leading Fire and Safety products distributor in Kuwait, has recently held a Fire and Safety seminar “First Safety and Civil Protection Conference”  where we have our displayed our products portfolio, to introduce the latest Fire Fighting Solutions; including the unique constructional features of Fire Alarm System, Foam/ Water Deluge Sprinkler System, Fire Fighting Foam Suppression Technology, Fire Protection Specialties, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hoses & Landing Valves, Fire Protection Valve, which are marketed by Al Kulaib Co.

The KFPA (Kuwait Fire Protection Association) convenes the First safety and civil protection conference SCPC 2023, Al Kulaib is the Founder Partner of SCPC (First Safety & Civil Protection Conference). Mr. Husam Al Kulaib is the Deputy Chairman of the Board of KFPA.

This conference highlighted the great accidents, and the quick recovery of their effects, and it will be as follows:

The seminar included presentations and in-depth discussions on the different types of world-class Fire Fighting Solutions and applications of Fire Extinguishers and Fire Protection Valves, which are certified to meet and exceed international standards of global manufacturing of fire and safety manufacturers

At Al Kulaib Co, we pride ourselves on being the leaders in providing comprehensive Fire solutions in every business sector we operate, whilst meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Delivering top-quality products and services at the highest level of performance is at the heart of our core values.

Conference Goals

1. Spreading safety awareness of its importance and types in civil society.

2. Build Communities with local and global institutions in the field of safety and related matters to reduce losses and increase recoveries.

3. Develop the capabilities of specialists in health safety and disaster management in various

sectors, whether in the governmental, oil, or private sectors.

4. Connect the institutions that intervene in the safety concept to protect society against accidents

during, before, and after an accident


1. Protection and prevention of accidents (fire-rescue), whether caused by humans or nature).

2. Management of risks, crises, and disasters.

3. Recovery after accidents to secure and restore the safety of life, buildings, and assets.