SPS Sensitron Park System

For many years Sensitron has been a leading Company in the gas detection systems for car parks. Nowadays SENSITRON PARK SYSTEM proposes an integrated solution fully compliant with the EN 50545-1 Standard; the system includes SMART P gas detectors (specific for NO2, CO and Petrol vapours), SIL1 certified, and MULTISCAN++PARK,, available for 8, 32, 64, 128 and 256 inputs, to fit the needs of car parks of different sizes.


Installations in Buildings, Hotel and Boiler rooms, as well as Residential applications are more and more asking not only reasonable cost-effective products but designed with Safety Performance and according to the relevant available Standards. Sensitron has developed this range for non classified areas with the same Safety concept of the industrial grade products developed for Hazardous areas.