The Kidde High Pressure CO2 System utilizes highly sophisticated electric and/or pneumatic detection units which sense fire at its inception.  It is designed specifically for each hazard and operated automatically, to ensure immediate detection and rapid suppression of a fire event. HP CO2 Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. The Kidde Fire Systems carbon dioxide fire suppression system is an engineered, special-hazard system utilizing a fixed pipe and nozzle distribution network, hose reels, or a combination of both. These systems provide fire protection, using carbon dioxide (CO2) as the extinguishant, designed in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 12, “Standard on Carbon Dioxide Extinguishing Systems”. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, electrically non-conductive gas with a density approximately 50% greater than air. When applied to a fire, it provides a blanket of heavy gas which reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point in which combustion can not be sustained.