A well known and established line of flammable and toxic gas detectors for industrial application. According to the gas to be detected, SMART3G may employ Pellistor, Infrared and electrochemical cells. The whole range is ATEX certified for EHSR and Performance and SIL2HW approved.

The system includes PL4+ and MULTISCAN++S1 e S2, tutte certificate ATEX secondo la EN 60079-29-1, disponibile per 8, 32, 64 128 e 256 canali.

Sensitron Management Supervision

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to offer to the End User or the EPC the possibility to supervise and manage the gas detection system has been the target point for Sensitron in developing a very simple and reliable IOT Gateway. Installed inside the Sensitron range of Multiscan ++ Control Panels, Black Magic allows to receive the alarms and, thanks to a Cyber security hard key switch, to supervise the system also remotely.