Fire Suppression System

Proven. Effective. Reliable.

Fire Protection that’s Engineered Clean and Safe for Vital Facilities

Equipment and processes are vital to the success of all commercial endeavors. Consider the ramifications of a fire in these critical areas. Smoke or soot contamination, water damage, destroyed equipment and idle process lines could force your business offline and out of competition. The Kidde Fire Systems ECS™ 360 psi Suppression System detects and extinguishes fires in seconds, safeguarding your people, property and bottom line, while maintaining business continuity.

ECS 360 psi System Benefits:

Active on Fire, Safe for People. ECS 360 psi Suppression System combines the benefits of clean agent systems and active fire protection with people-safe, environmentally-responsible performance

The Right Clean Agent. A range of Clean Agent discharge as gases, leaving no residue to damage sensitive equipment or require costly clean-up

The Right Fire Suppression System. Designed to fully discharge the clean fire suppression agent into a protected area within 10 seconds, ensuring the system extinguishes a fire quickly

Fully Integrated System. Kidde Fire Systems offers a complete fire protection system that is designed, manufactured, installed and serviced by one company