Protecting people with voice, sound and light

Part of the function of a building’s life safety system is to alert occupants of emergency conditions, and to instruct them on what action they need to take. The actions may include exiting the building, relocating to a safe space within the building, or to take specific action in their current location. To achieve this, Siemens offers audible and visual notification appliances that use sounds, lights, and even voice messaging to keep people informed and safe. These notification appliances are effective, reliable, and flexible to meet the needs of any building, all while complying with the latest codes and standards

LED Notification Appliances (SL- Series)

The SL- Series Notification Appliances are a modern & cost- efficient solution for any facility- the highly efficient LED technology provides a lower current draw resulting in fewer power supplies and a lower installation cost per project

Key Benefits

  • SL-Series devices lower overall installation cost and require fewer power supplies than the Z- Series xenon strobe technology
  • Over 30% Projects Savings on installation costs when using SL- Series versus Z-Series Xenon technology
  • New technology results in highly efficient current draw- up to 50% lower than Z-Series xenon strobe technology (more appliances per circuit, fewer PADs)
  • Complies with NFPA 72 (2016) 20ms requirements and can be mixed with Xenon based strobes