Protecting lives with the sound of safety

When it comes to safety, you want to have absolute confidence in your voice alarm (VA) system. So that an orderly and quick evacuation is ensured in case of an emergency. Better still if it doubles up as a public address (PA) system of the highest sound quality. A perfect place is safe and full of life. With Cerberus PACE – the sound of safety

Quality you can build upon over time

Cerberus PACE (Public Address and Controlled Evacuation) has been designed to the highest standards, including EN54-16. It’s flexible, modular and engineered to your individual needs. You can start small and have your system grow with you as requirements evolve. Should you wish to modernize your current legacy system, existing wiring and loudspeakers can be integrated to start with and replaced step-by-step. Real-time engineering means the system can be reconfigured without interrupting operation. Built-in end-of-line modules and redundancy ensure system integrity at all times. And the professional sound quality will make sure your message comes across loud and clear