Company Workshop

Land Area: Around 180 m2 Equipped with state of the art facilities and managed by certified technicians and engineers trained and approved by the Kuwait Fire Department.
The Fire Extinguishing workshop is responsible for the following activities:

  • Inspection of extinguishers, leak testing, repair and refilling of fire extinguishers using hand tools, hydrostatic test equipment, and monitoring devices.
  • Dismantles extinguishers and examines mechanical parts, extinguishing agents, and expelling means; replaces worn or damaged parts.
  • Cleans extinguishers and recharges them with approved materials. 
    Assists in fire safety inspection.
  • To meet and exceed targets and budgets set forth by our principals and meet the demands of clients efficiently and effectively.
  • Coordination with departments for smooth and efficient execution of projects and meeting the requirements by delivering products on time every time.